Winter/Spring 2004

Even though there’s more daylight and garden catalogs stuff our mailboxes, we will still have some snow days. This is the perfect time to pull out your kites and ready them for the first Spring-like weather. Our Kites…on a Roll® patterns are just right for this “can’t wait ‘til it’s spring feeling.” Kite making and flying become more popular than angels in the snow in March.

Kites…on a Roll® News

A Very Special Date: National Kite Month runs from March 27 to May 2 (two more weekends than last year). There is a great deal of kite information on . Not just ideas to celebrate the month, but also lots of educational content. Check for many other kiting events during the next few months.

One of the exciting reasons to use the Internet is the huge amount of information available to us. We found a wonderful educational site to list on our Links page. The address is a mouthful, and it must be copied exactly, capital letters and all. But it is well worth it, especially if you teach science or math or are a kite flyer wanting more technical information. The content seems to be directed towards kids in the upper elementary grades and up. The NASA address is

While the NASA site discusses the scientific aspects of kites, Fishing for Angels: the Magic of Kites by David Evans and illustrated by Adele D’Arcy (Annick Press Ltd., Toronto 1991) presents folk tales involving kites and cultural origins. The reading level is directed at 9-12 year olds.

For history and science buffs there is Click on Ben’s Original Instructions to view Ben Franklin’s thorough description of his experiment which appeared in The Pennsylvania Gazette, October 19, 1752. Do not try to repeat this experiment.

It is always a good idea to review kite safety before you take a group kite flying, especially since most people have not been flying for several months. Stay away from roads, airports and power lines. Never fly in rain or lightning (Refer to Ben Franklin article).

Kites are flown throughout the world. E-mail us for a list of the word KITE in different languages: and put One World of Kites in the subject line.

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