Young Girl in Winter Kite Making Class

Winter Kite Making Becomes Spring Kite Flying

Winter Kite Making Now Brings us Closer to Spring

It’s hard to think of kites when we endured some extremely cold weather and blizzardly conditions. But every day brings us closer to Spring! A sure sign of the coming season is the appearance of gardening catalogs in mailboxes. That’s our cue to think of kites.  And you never know, there might be a glorious spring day in February (February 8 is National Kite Flying Day ) when we wished we could go kite flying.  

So let’s get prepared!  Set aside a day for winter kite making. Bring out the folded-up kites from last fall, air them out, and examine them to see if they need any repairs. Or, look for that kite pattern you want to make and create it now! Invite a fellow kite maker over and have a group session. The beauty of making kites with family and friends teaches people that they can make things and learn to use them, that real life is to be experienced.

There are many winter kite making workshops in early spring.  Check out American Kitefliers Association and see what events the AKA calendar lists for early spring. There might even be winter flying dates listed in an area near you. The recent weather has left most of us with cabin fever. We need to get outside. If we plan to repair or make our kites while the weather is keeping us in, we will be ready for that first sunny, comfortable day to go out.

Benefits of Winter Kite Making Now

Winter Kite Making Sky

Regardless of the weather, kite making and kite flying become an important part of your state of mind. Bogged down by the stresses and strains of today’s world, people often wish for the simpler days. There was time to spend outdoors with family and friends, enjoying the fresh air together, making the time to go outside and play. Most of us go outdoors just to do errands or to rush to that next appointment. We don’t get to explore nature and make discoveries, to enjoy life with people of different generations.

Families and friends need an activity to gather around outdoors and an activity in which everyone can participate. Kites bring to mind the brilliant sun, dazzling colors, the majesty of flight and the power of the wind. We need those sensations back in our lives again. We need to be reminded that the world around us, the natural world, is wondrous and healing, regardless of the weather.

Kites promote health and joy, a sense that all is right with the world. This is why we are so positive about kite making and kite flying in the coming year!

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