Winter 2013/14

Kites…on a Roll® Newsletter:Winter 2013/14 Prepare for Kiting!

I received my first garden catalog today; days are getting longer in the northeast (tho it doesn’t seem it); the holidays will soon be over. Before you know it, signs of Spring will appear. Time to repair older kites, build new kites and plan for kite flying events!


Help with Kite Making

We have 3 different patterns for different ages and abilities. We have “graded” our kits but the following article might help you select what is right for your group:

New decorative tape: We found different kinds of decorative tape that might make your kite making more creative. Scotch®Expressions Packaging Tape comes in a roll measuring a little under an inch (.94”) x 20 yards and Craft Essentials tape from Jo-Ann Stores, two small rolls of different patterns in one package.

One of our Facebook readers recommended a link with bits and pieces of kite information: Check it out!


Dates to Honor Kites

 Several dates to consider when planning to make kites with a group: Ben Franklin’s birthday Jan. 17 , Chinese New Year January 31, 2014, the Year of the Horse (The Chinese also call this time of year Spring Festival. They were thought to have developed the kite.), Alexander Graham Bell’s birthday on March 3 (In addition to the telephone, he designed the tetrahedron kite while trying to create man lifting devices), National Kite Month, April 2014 (for lots of information visit , and various kiting events throughout the country found at This is the website for the American Kitefliers Assoc., and I think you will be pleased with all the information.




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