Winter 2012/2013

Kites…on a Roll® Newsletter: Make Kite Crafts during cold months or as gifts!

I think Kite Making and Kite Flying are like gardening; there’s prepping, enjoying, harvesting and cleaning up/repairing to be ready for the next year. We have had a gorgeous autumn with many kite flying days. But the time will come that those days will be tucked away. Time to repair and build new kites while waiting for Spring to be in the air.

Kite Craft: Give a personal gift from the heart.

The holidays are almost here. Time for family and friends to be together. What to do during all these times– step out of the box for a minute: our kite craft kits assemble into wonderful gifts. Think about it—lots of holiday gifts are hand crafted. Instead of candy, cookies, fancy foods, why not make kites and decorate them for the person receiving them? A perfect individual gift that tells whoever is getting the kite that you are encouraging him/her to release the kid inside.

Enjoy the Holidays in more ways than one by making a kite craft for a loved one this year.

Shop our kite crafts for kids of all ages.

Helpful Links:

NASA has updated its KiteModeler software based upon users comments. Visit and try to experiment with their software. Could be a great class project!

Additional Kite Information Sites

A middle schooler, Brittany, found this site for us. An easy-to-read kite flying guide with lots of information. Thanks, Brittany.

Another site,, focuses on the history and science of kites. A blog is part of this too.

And don’t forget and for a simple explanation of how flying a kite works.

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