Winter 2001/2002

When I was a little girl, seed catalogs would arrive in our mailbox right after the holidays. I just loved to look at the pictures (especially on those gray, cold days) because they reminded me that flowers were going to bloom soon. While mom plotted her garden, we got our kites ready to fly again. The only thing that stopped us from going out was really bad weather. But, there was always another day for us to play in the wind!

It seems there was “never another day to fly in the wind” in Afghanistan until recently. I can’t imagine not being allowed to fly a kite! One of the really special things about kites is the love of kite flying all over the world. No matter where we traveled, when we pulled out our kites, we were always welcomed (as long as we would let our new friends fly with us). It must have been hard for the Afghans to be denied the freedom of the wind. We hope that 2002 brings the joy of flying freely to children everywhere.

Kites…on a Roll® News

Starting in 2002, the Delta kite kit will include a package of paper clips. We had not included them in the package before because we thought they would be easy to acquire. Since they are required in the construction of the delta, it was recommended that we insert them with the sticks and line.

There will be a slight price increase on all the kites in January. UPS charges are also going up.

National Kite Month begins April 1 and runs through May 5. Now is a great time to plan for your celebration in flight. Contact the American Kitefliers Association at We would love to help you plan a fun event for your group or community, or let you know where you can fly with others in your area. Write us at

Hints for an Easier Activity

Tip for first time fliers: there is a tendency to pull on the line when a kite descends. This action brings the kite down faster. Instead, loosen the line until the top of the kite is pointing up. Then pull on the line. The kite will start to rise. Rule of thumb: when you pull on the kite line, the kite will go in whatever direction the top of the kite is pointing.

We have found lots of wonderful arts and crafts supplies to use on our kites. If you are having trouble finding products to make your activity creative, contact us at We will tell you where to find some really neat things.

If you are flying in heavier winds and need stronger dowels, let us know. We have thicker sticks for the Delta kites.

We have 2 e-mail handouts to help you. One is a word search puzzle that presents kite vocabulary in a fun way; the other is a compilation of arts and crafts tips that have been passed on to us by those using the product. Just ask for either (or both) handout at

Wishing you all a warm and sunny winter.

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