Kids Holding Delta Kite they made

When Winter Comes, is Kite Flying Far Behind….

Winter Solstice merges into longer daylight hours; the holidays become memories; dates on your 2016 calendars (whether paper or smartphone) begin to fill up; garden catalogs arrive in the mail or online; winter clothing clearance ads appear in the media. SPRING is on its way!! This is the time to check the kites you put away in the fall, time to build new kites, time to plan your kite flying events or check for any kiting events near you.

Determine what the kites that you rolled up in the fall will need to fly again.  If the dowels are broken or misplaced, wooden ones can be purchased at a hobby store. Carbon or other synthetic rods need to be purchased from stores that sell kite parts or the manufacturer.  You need to know the length and diameter of the dowels you’re planning to replace before calling to replace them.   Plastic or paper sails can be repaired if slightly damaged. Fabric sails can be patched with ripstop nylon tape or duck tape. Just make sure your repairs don’t create weight problems with the  sail. Tails can be replaced with ribbon, tied plastic strips or our Tail Material.

If you are planning a kite fly, start scoping out good flying areas now and reserve the space as soon as possible. Find volunteers to help with the kite making, kite flying, setting up of the field, and marketing for the event. Spring will be here before you know.  The month of April is National Kite Month–April 1-30, 2016 (; the perfect time to hold your event.  If you have never organized a kite fly, contact American Kiteflyers Association- -for help or for the name of a kite club near you. If you are planning to have kite making workshops, order your supplies in enough time to allow for you to make your sample. Find out about the history, science, cultural uses of kites to create an introductory lecture to your kitemakers.

Take this time of year to plan and prepare for a wonderful kite flying season!


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