What to Do with a Sheet of Plastic

Kite making is almost upon us, regardless of the weather map.  Our kite kits make assembling the kite quite easy! What to do with the kite to make it  your own is up to you. For some, this will be easy, others will be stymied by the white plastic and blue line pattern.


Sometimes suggesting a theme relating to a school topic (e.g. the study of dinoarurs), areas of interest (e.g.sports, birds, flowers) or color is helpful. A book of flags is a great place to find additional ideas. The colors and designs are very creative and attractive.

Give the kite maker a piece of paper to use for sketching an idea.  Practicing on a scrap piece of paper might make the activity less frustrating.  Our plastic is translucent so a bold outline placed under the plastic can be traced on the kite sail.  Coloring books offer  great pictures for tracing.

Clip art illustrates great ideas. If you have an inkjet printer, you can print out the designs on adhesive backed paper and carefully stick the artwork to the kite sail. Or you can use the design as a tracing. clip art

Check out office supply places, scrapbook and craft stores for craft products to stick on the sails and tails. Just remember that the kite will be flown about 130-150′ above so the design needs to be large to be seen. And remember you don’t want to add much weight or the kite won’t fly well.

Since the sails and tails are plastic, permanent markers need to be used to decorate.  Any water soluble pen will smear.

No matter what their age, children like to be “cool” and involved with the “in” things.  For a successful craft activity, you need to be responsive to that interest by keeping  up with trends and finding out what’s new in craft supplies and activities.

Be sure to make the sample of the kite kit we send you so everyone will know what their sheet of plastic will become. Have fun decorating it or try different techniques on your kite so the kite makers can see what might work for them.


Kites…on a Roll® brings together kids of all ages. We offer easy to make and easy to fly kites, the perfect group activity. Kids of all ages love our kites! To order any number of our kits, please check out our store!

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