Summer/Fall 2005

I really planned to have a newsletter out by the end of June, but we ended up changing our shopping cart. By the time that was done, Back-to-School-Sales were appearing everywhere. I decided to skip a summer issue and combine the rest of the season with fall. It seems school is starting earlier every year so it makes sense to have this issue extend to October.

Kites…on a Roll® News

We placed a UPS map indicating delivery times within our Order section. We are located in Ohio. Remember, weekends and holidays don’t count in the number of shipping days.

The Sea Breeze Hotel by Marcia Vaughan and Patricia Mullins. 1992. This story relates the saga of a hotel located in an extremely windy area. The wind has driven tourists away until kite flying is used as its major attraction. Wonderful illustrations, for younger children.

We have added a new page to our site that will be a wonderful educational tool: The Global Language of Kites. Just visit our home page and click on the box with that title or click here. It will take you right to the page that lists the different translations for the word KITE.

Hints for an Easier Activity

Sometimes it is difficult to come up immediately with a design for a kite. Give the kite maker a piece of paper to use for sketching an idea. Practicing on a scrap piece of paper might make the activity less frustrating. An additional place for ideas would be a book on flags. The colors and designs used are very helpful.

Some of you are doing very well with our Tape Roll and Tape Strips; some are not. Please make sure the kite makers press firmly on the whole piece of tape where it attaches to the plastic.

We often get a question about tails. The Sled and Malay Bird patterns include tail outlines. For some, this is a good addition because they can totally decorate the tails. For others, it doesn’t work, as they don’t want to spend the time or find the tails a bit challenging to cut out. For those, we have found pretty neat tail rolls of colors and patterns. And, while the Fly Me Kite Kits don’t need tails, we have found that tails make the kites more colorful in the sky. The Delta pattern doesn’t have tails because it has fringe as part of the kite. If you want to add tails to this kite, you can. Just make long streamers and tape them at the bottom of the vertical stick in the back of the kite.

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