Summer/Fall 2004

I am writing this as we come to the last day of Spring and the longest day of the year. I don’t know about your Spring, but ours was very wet. We had ducks swimming in our front yard! Plants and kites sat on the sidelines waiting for the rain to stop. Summer holds the promise of long, sunny days, vacations, family reunions, and casual living. Keep your kites ready for any opportunity that comes along during this wonderful lazy time.

Kites…on a Roll® News

The Internet offers much in the way of news, information and activities. I found several sites that offer free, printable, kids coloring pages with kite themes. Go to ,, and to pull up and print some fun pictures for kids to color. These are just ideas; you may know someone who would love to create a line drawing for kids to color. The plastic for our Kites…on a Roll® is translucent. The drawing could be slipped under the sail and traced on the front of the kite for the kite maker to color.

The completed kites in our photo section are only examples to show decorating possibilities. The Kites…on a Roll® and the Fly Me Kite Kits are plain white. The lines on the patterns show where to cut and place sticks, tails and tape; the main part of the sail is plain, ready for a creative hand.

Hints for an Easier Activity

While the weather doesn’t impact the making of kites, it certainly affects the flying. If kite flying is to become the grand finish of your activity and it is raining, you may want to have an aeronautical march as your finale. Each kite maker gets to hold his/her kite aloft for all to see as the kites are paraded around the room. If there is enough time before the parade, let the kids make masks, hats or costumes to complement their kites. And, of course, play wonderful music.

Please note that Fly Me Kite Kits do not come with string. You can purchase some from us or from your neighborhood store.

We got a terrific suggestion from a principal watching kites being flown on a windy day. He had his students completely tape the cross spar, making the stick stronger. This process can be done on the Delta and Malay Bird cross pieces.

Another suggestion came from a teacher making the Malay Bird with her class. She found out that it is much easier to punch out the 2 holes before the sticks are taped on the sail.

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