Summer 2011

Rain, rain, rain. That was most of our spring with limited kite flying weather. The long duration of rain did allow us to make and decorate lots of kites so we could be ready for that moment when the rain stopped and the sun sparkled. As I write this, it is 90 degrees and sunny so I guess we bypassed spring and flew right into summer. My kites are ready! Hope yours are too.

Kites…on a Roll® News

With the weather being so much a part of our news, I looked for additional information to help us understand it and its relation to kite flying.

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I know school is just letting out for the summer, but the school year starts again in several months. Teachers, plan now for a great fall activity with kite making and flying. You can create science, art, history and culture lesson plans using kites as one of the activities. Check out our links for more information:

Duck Brand EZ STart Printed Packing Tape adds decorations on kites. There are 4 colorful prints: Black Olives with fuscia, lime green and white, Pink Zebra with pink and black animal prints, Tie Dye blending pink, blue and purple and Green Peace full of peace signs and blue splatter. The tape is approximately 2” wide. Just be careful when using packing tape as it sticks quickly.

We would love some pictures for our Facebook page. Please send pictures of kite making and kite flying using our patterns that we could share with everyone.

Hints for an Easier Activity

Successful kite making depends upon how well the kite maker follows directions. Stress the need for accuracy and careful cutting. Correct placement and taping of sticks and bridle line are critical for successful kite flying. Using the sample pattern we send with each order, assemble a wonderful kite for the group to see and copy.

Tails are so much a part of kite making; not only do they provide stability so the kite won’t twist and turn, but they also make the kite look more attractive with the sight of tails fluttering about in the wind. They become line laundry.

Click here for printer friendly version of coupon.

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