Summer 2010

National Kite Month was quite successful, lots of kites and kiting events held all over the country. Even though the month is over, there are some special days this summer that would definitely encourage kite flying: June 21–Summer Solstice, flying late on the longest day of the year; June 27–Sunglasses Day (though, sunglasses should be worn when kite flying); July 2–World UFO Day; Aug. 15– Relaxation Day; Aug. 23–Ride the Wind Day. For more dates to use as an excuse (as if you needed one) to fly a kite, visit

Kites…on a Roll® News

The Fly Me Kite kit, the clever, paper-bag-make-into-a-kite-kit has been redesigned! Easier instructions and safety tips are now printed on the actual kite sail, and slats have been added for the kite to fly in more wind.

A Girl Scout leader for Cadettes (girls in the 6th-8th grades) suggested using our kits as an activity for their Journey It’s Your Planet-Love it. Breathe. The kite making and flying would certainly take the girls outdoors and help them learn about air.

For a fun activity to add to the kite making, visit and download some kite pages to color.

Hints for an Easier Activity

Another way to attach the bridle line to the Sled sail: Instead of taping each end of the bridle string to each corner of the sail, stick 1/2 of the tape on the back of the sail and fold the remainder over to the front. Using a hole punch, create a hole about 1/4” from the triangular point on each side of the sail. Pull about 2” from each end of the bridle string through the holes and tie. The tape acts like a paper reinforcement. Then pull out your line and make a loop in the middle to create the bridle point.

A toothpick is a handy hole punch for the Malay Bird kite. Use it to punch out the two circles on the kite sail. Stringing and tying kite line through these holes create the bridle point on the kite.

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