Summer 2009

We are often asked how our kits are made. For several years I have been associated with a wonderful sheltered workshop, an organization that employs people with developmental disabilities to handle various services such as assembly (what they do for us), light manufacturing, packaging, etc.. By using MRPC, I have a dependable and dedicated workforce, and the assembling of my kits provide their employees with good and meaningful work. They really appreciate our orders, and I really appreciate their careful assembly.

Kites…on a Roll® News

While we work hard to get you a really good product when you need it, shipping can create delivery problems for you and us. Please note that UPS will not refund shipping costs if a problem is not reported within 15 business days. We send you an email when we ship the order with your confirmation number. Please let us know if you do not receive the package when we think you should or if the package is damaged. We can then notify UPS about the problem.

We know that there are times when you need the package for a certain event. That is why we put “Special Shipping Instructions” on the order form. Please use it if you need the kits by a certain date, if you have directions for the delivery person to follow, etc.

Hints for an Easier Activity

A fun site for more math than kiting is This is perfect if you are trying to use kites for a math lesson.

A great suggestion for the Sled kit: When attaching the bridle line to the Sled kite, make a knot at both ends of the line before you tape the line to the kite. For more tape security, place a piece of tape across the tape covering the bridle line.

There are a lot of wonderful kite videos on Youtube. Go to and enter “kites” in the Search box. You’re bound to find something quite entertaining and educational.

Have the kitemakers sign and date their kites on the front once they are done decorating. The signature truly finishes their masterpiece.

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