Summer 2008

There is a lot of talk about “green”; there is a lot of activity about “green” and a lot of products that proclaim to be “green”. Kite fliers talk the talk and walk the walk; Kite flying is a very “green” activity. Even before all the discussion about wind being a very important sustainable energy source, kites were used to harness the wind. In 1820 George Pocock created a “char volant”, a flying carriage, using a kite to propel a carriage. An interesting discussion of kites capturing the wind for generating power can be found at .

Kites…on a Roll® News

While we don’t supply the wind, Kites…on a Roll® utilizes the wind and fosters the “green” associated with kiting. The kite sail is a #4 category which lets you recycle it with other plastic bags. We have found biodegradable tails. Each roll is 1” x 100”, long enough to make 5’ tails for 20 kites. The material is made from wood pulp and degrades in 6-24 months. We have added yellow and pink to our tail material selections.

Two Very Special Dates: Sept. 22-27, 2008 American Kitefliers Association Annual Convention in Gettysburg PA.(, Oct. 12, 2008 Once Sky , One World, celebrating the universality of kiting wherever you are ( ). Also, check for many other kiting events during the next few months

Hints for an Easier Activity

Interesting Websites: This is part of the series “How to Make a Kite: Making a Kite: Draw Image. This is a unit plan for 4th year class. This site lists a lot of different kite topics for you to pursue.

Craft idea: Use highlighters to draw on the kites. Just make sure the ink dries before touching the sail or the colors will smear.

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