Summer 2007

We close much of our printed material with “With Kites…on a Roll®, Play Matters!” The concept of play is extremely important especially now that school is out for the summer. Many articles today bemoan the fact that kids aren’t adding play to their childhood experiences. Consider kite flying as one activity that puts play back into their lives

Kites…on a Roll® News

An article appearing in the Spring 2007 issue of “Kiting”. the Journal of American Kitefliers Association, mentions kite flying in Afghanistan. If you wish to send kites there (perhaps some that your group has made and test-flown), contact Chris R. Toner, Lieutenant Colonel, US Army, Commanding, Department of the Army, Task Force Catamount, 2-87 Infantry, Forward Operating Base Orgun, Afghanistan APO AE 09354.

I am always amazed by the scope of kite interest. I found several different websites that might interest you:

Hints for an Easier Activity

We received several good tips from someone holding a kite event the end of April during National Kite Month. The group was flying the Sled kite on a very windy day. The bridle string kept pulling away from the kite sail. To solve the problem of the unattached bridle line, a hole was punched through the tape that is used to fasten each end of the bridle line to the sail. The ends of the bridle line were then pulled through the holes and tied. The group also found that a longer tail, 15 ft. or more, helped the kite fly in those windy conditions.

Another suggestion was a good decorating tip: use craft foam adhesive-backed shapes and letters. You can find these at a good craft store.

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