Spring/Summer 2003

When I fly my kites I really pay attention to the wind because the strength of the wind determines what kite and string I’m going to use. Unless you have a wind meter, it’s a bit tricky to guess how fast the wind is blowing because you can’t see it. You can only see how it affects what it touches.

There is a visual scale you can use to help you determine the approximate strength of the wind. Rear Admiral Sir Francis Beaufort (1774-1857) of England created this in 1805 to determine wind speeds on water; it was later used to determine wind speeds on land. We use part of his scale for kiting. The best range is a steady wind that blows 4-12 mph. Gusty winds require more skill and patience.

1-3 mph
4-7 mph
8-12 mph
13-18 mph
19-24 mph

Smoke drifts lazily
Tree leaves rustle
Small flags fly, leaves dance
Trees toss, dust flies
Trees sway, kite strings break

Kites…on a Roll® News

The celebration of flight continues. The US Postal Service has just issued its Celebration of Flight stamp (May 2003). The 37¢ stamp pictures the Wright Brothers’ plane in flight.

In honor of the Wright Brothers’ singular achievement, the American Kitefliers Association annual convention (a wonderful event, both on and off the field) will be held Sept. 29-Oct. 4, 2003 at Wright Patterson Air Force Base in Dayton OH. For more information about this terrific week or other kiting events, visit www.aka.kite.org.

Hints for an Easier Activity

The Sled and Malay Bird designs contain tail patterns. If you don’t have time to cut out these tails, ask about our terrific tail material in lengths of 150’ or 300’ depending upon the colors and patterns. One roll of tail material will be fine for one roll of either kite pattern.

This has been a very wet spring in many parts of the country. While this may be good for flowers, it does interfere with kite flying. Many of our customers told us how well our kites flew indoors. (There was huge relief in their voices as their events were scheduled regardless of the weather.) If you have the space, you may want to try this. Just have the kitefliers move in the same direction. Check our Photo Gallery for a picture of one experience.

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