Spring 2013

Kites…on a Roll® Newsletter: Spring 2013! Time to Make a Kite

Even though we are going through some rough weather, Spring is just around the corner. My daffodils are pushing through the soil, birds seem to be chirping more–the air just smells differently. Time to get the kites made or kite making events planned!

Kite Patterns: Ideas for themes and encouraging creativity

Sometimes when you want to make a kite, but you don’t have any inspiration, it helps to think about the season. Here are some ideas for kite patterns: Several dates to consider when planning to make kites with a group: Ben Franklin’s birthday Jan. 17 (a little late for this year, but keep in mind for 2014), Chinese New Year Feb. 10 2013 (The Chinese were thought to have developed the kite.), Alexander Graham Bell’s birthday on March 3 (In addition to the telephone, he designed the tetrahedron kite while trying to create man lifting devices), National Kite Month, April 2013 (visit www.nationalkitemonth.org for lots of information) , and various kiting events throughout the country found at http://www.kite.org.. This is a new website for the American Kitefliers Assoc., and I think you will be pleased with all the information.

Once you decide on a kite pattern, encourage each child to express their own creativity.

When you help kids decorate their kites, stress that there is no right or wrong design. The kitemaker is free to interpret his/her world. However, this does not apply to the assembly of the kite: for it to fly, instructions need to be followed, not interpreted.

We have 3 different patterns for different ages and abilities. In addition to our guidelines for age-appropriate kite making projects, visithttp://www.examiner.com/article/how-to-choose-age-level-appropriate-artprojects- for-youth-groups for more age-directed suggestions.

Kite making is not only fun, it is also quite educational. The activity is a good introduction to flight (aerodynamics) and weather (meteorology). Each kite pattern flies a different way and its fun to experience each one. There are different ways of presenting these sciences depending upon the age group.

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