Spring 2008

We hear a lot of wonderful stories from people using our kite kits. Several stand out as wonderful examples of the fun and sense of accomplishment people feel when they make something that works from a kit. One related the experience of an 8 year old who had never shown any interest in building any kind of kit. He went to Florida for winter break with our Delta kite kit. After a very successful day of kite making and kite flying, he then asked for other types of kits to build and is on his way to becoming an active kit builder. Another boy had never flown a kite before, let alone make one. His was the first built and up in the air. The teacher had a hard time getting him to come inside (He could be the poster child for National Kite Month.) The success that both boys felt upon building and flying their own kites just strengthens that “I did it myself” feeling..

Kites…on a Roll® News

Recycle part of Kites…on a Roll®? The kite sail is a #4 category which lets you recycle it with other plastic bags. We have found biodegradable tails. Each roll is 1” x 100”, long enough to make 5’ tails for 20 kites. The material is made from wood pulp and degrades in 6-24 months. We have added yellow and pink to our tail material selections. Click here to see our new tail material colors.

A Very Special Date: National Kite Month runs from March 29 to April 30. There is a great deal of kite information on www.NationalKiteMonth.org. Not just ideas to celebrate the month, but also lots of educational content. The goal is for 600 worldwide kiting events. Register yours now. Also, check www.aka.kites.org for many other kiting events during the next few months

Hints for an Easier Activity

If you are ordering kite kits for a special event, PLEASE indicate the date you need them in “Special Shipping Instructions” section of the Order page.

If you did not receive an email confirmation after you placed the order, please note that the order did not go through.

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