Spring 2005

As I am writing this it’s snowing. But, the crocuses and snowdrops are peeking through. Before you know it, we will be outside cleaning up after winter winds, preparing gardens for planting, folding away winter apparel and airing out spring clothes. We’ve been getting our products ready too. Read on to see how we‘ve been preparing for Spring.

Kites…on a Roll® News

We have heard from you delta kite makers that our delta needs a stronger cross spar. We listened to your concerns and have changed the cross spar from 1/8” diameter to 3/16”. I think you’ll be pleased with the change. We did have to increase the price by $1.00 a roll; that’s only 5 cents a kite for better flying.

We found additional tail colors. We offer rolls of streamers in a great red, a pretty blue and a bright yellow with red polka dots. Check the products section for the pictures and prices.

In addition to our roll of tape, we now offer tape strips. These are perfect for the Sled and Malay Bird kite patterns. Each strip is 2” x 1.0625”. There are 10 strips on a sheet. We are selling a pack of 20 sheets for each kite roll. That’s enough to cover all the kites within one roll and leave you with extras for emergencies. Each Sled pattern needs 8 strips; each Malay Bird pattern uses 9 strips.

We moved to a new sheltered workshop to assemble our kits. The previous one ran out of space since they won a very large sewing contract. I’m pleased to say that we continue to work with the handicap in a sheltered workshop environment, just in a different location.

National Kite Month is the whole month of April. Visit www.nationalkitemonth.org to register your event or for more information.

When you want to announce a kite event or send someone a cute kite card, visit www.123greetings.com/events/kite_flying_day.

Hints for an Easier Activity

One of the teachers who used our kite kits created a K-12 curriculum using kites. Contact Cynthia Chovich at cchovich@pusd.com for further information.

Click here for printer friendly version of coupon.

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