Fly Me Kite Kits

From $25.00 (Excl. Tax)

1 to 1 $31.25 each
2 to 2 $30.00 each
3 to 4 $28.75 each
5 to 12 $28.00 each
13 to 19 $27.00 each
20 or more $25.00 each


The Fly Me Kite is a white paper bag cleverly printed for cutting into a sled kite. An inexpensive, simple, alternative to the plastic Sled Kites…on a Roll®. You only need scissors, tape and decorating materials to create these sled kites. A hole punch is also helpful.

Kite string is NOT included with these kits. It must be purchased separately either buying string from us or your neighborhood store. You will need 6 feet of string to make the kite bridle in order to finish the assembly of the kite.

Product Details

  • The Fly Me Kite package comes with materials for 25 kites:
    • 25 white paper bags with cutting lines and directions imprinted on the back of the bag.
    • 25 sets of cardboard slats or stiffeners (2 per kite)
  • The kits come with step by step instructions, a word search activity sheet and kite flying/safety tips. An extra Fly Me Kite pattern is included in your order to allow you to make a sample kite ahead of time.

Item Specs

  • Each kite kit  is 14” x 21 ½”
  • 1 set of cardboard slats (2 slats per kite) are 7/8" x 19"


More Information About Fly Me Kites

The Fly Me Kite takes the shape of a sled kite and, in just a few minutes, becomes a fun and memorable activity. Fly Me Kites and Sled Kites...on a Roll® kits both transform into a quick, fun and exciting project for groups of any age. These kites are slightly larger than our plastic Sled Kites...on a Roll® kits and are made of paper. Use crayons, markers, stickers, whatever you choose to decorate to bring your Fly Me Kite to life!

Add on some great accessories for your kites, or find other kite making kits that better suite your next event! These kite kits don’t come with tails and don’t need tails for flight. The addition of tails swirling at the bottom of the kite makes it more attractive in the sky. To add to the kite making activity, check out our extra tips and ideas for your new kite adventure!