Delta Kites

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Have as much fun making your Delta Kite as you do flying it!

The Delta Kites...On A Roll®, the perfect kite making kit for kids 10 years old and above, comes with materials to make, decorate and fly 20 customizable kites for your next event. Our largest kite - the Delta kite kit contains a workshop packet and activity ideas to enrich the kite making experience. Easy to make, easy to fly, and easy to enjoy!

The Delta kite is named for its triangular shape, resembling the fourth letter of the Greek alphabet called “delta”. Some people call it a bird kite because it looks like a bird gliding through the air.

It’s the perfect activity for kids looking for something “cool” to do because there is nothing “cooler” than creating your own project and having it work!  You need only supply scissors, tape and whatever materials you want for decorating the kites.  (Since these patterns are plastic, you need to use permanent markers. Any marker that is water soluble will only smear on the plastic.

Please note: The kite kit is assembled by a vocational opportunity center. By purchasing our kite kits, you are employing an adult living with disabilities.

Product Details

  • The Delta Kite Making Kit comes with materials to make 20 individualized kites:
    • Kit contains 20 imprinted sails with a fringe pattern.
    • Includes 20 sets of pre-cut sticks.
    • Includes 20 winders with kite string.
  • The enclosed workshop packet contains the history, science, and culture of kites, time-saving suggestions, activities, and additional readings.
  • A sample kite pattern is packed with your order for you to make ahead of time.
  • Instructions and kite safety tips are imprinted on the plastic. Additional step-by-step instructions come with the sample. The plastic rates a ♶ for recycling.

Item Specs

  • Each kite has a wingspan of 4’ and is 20” high.
  • Each kite kit contains enough material to make 20 kites:
    • 20 patterns imprinted on plastic. The kite pattern consists of 2 pieces to form the sail.
    • 20 sets of pre-cut birch sticks: 20" long (2 per kite but of different diameters) and pre-cut birch sticks, 21" long (2 per kite)
    • 20 sets of flying line (150') wrapped around a plastic handle.
    • Packet of paper clips to be used at bridle point (1 clip, per kite)

More Information About Delta Kites... on a Roll

We supply a sample kite pattern with each order so you can make it ahead of time to resolve any questions you may have. This assembled sample also allows you to show the group how their piece of plastic becomes a kite, even before they make their own. Since this kit takes longer to assemble and converts into a larger kite, we recommend this kite for ages 10 and older.

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Learn some great tips and tricks for making Delta Kites.