The Kite String On Winder

From $25.00 (Excl. Tax)

1 to 1 $31.25 each
2 to 2 $30.00 each
3 to 4 $28.75 each
5 to 12 $28.00 each
13 to 19 $27.00 each
20 or more $25.00 each


Kite String wound on plastic winder for your kite making projects. This item is not needed with Kites…on a Roll® kits; line is already included in those packages. It is needed with our Fly Me Kite kits as those kits do not come with kite string. The kite line is 20 pound test and 150 feet in length.
This item is included in all of our Kites…on a Roll kite kits, not in our Fly Me Kite kits.  Please only purchase if you need winders for other kites.

Sold in multiples of 25  (150′ length each).
Please note:
For a total of 25 pieces of String/Handles, order 1 qty
For a total of 50 pieces of String/Handles, order 2 qty
For a total of 100 pieces of String/Handles, order 4 qty
For a total of 500 pieces of String/Handless, order 20 qty