Tail Material

$2.75 (Excl. Tax)


Tail Material

Each PLASTIC roll is 1 3/16” x 300’ and comes in a variety of colors and patterns. The hot pink checkerboard is the only one that comes in a 150’ length. The rest of the patterns are in 300’ lengths.

Why Tails?

Most kites need tails for stability so the flight is not erratic. By stabilizing the kite, tails also slow down the flight, making the kite easier to control. Some kite flyers also add tails for color and pizazz, enhancing the look of the kite as tails flutter in the sky.

The flatter the kite, the more it needs a tail and the lighter the wind the shorter the tail.

Our Sled and Malay Bird kites come with tail patterns. If you don’t have time to cut out the patterns, you may want to purchase our tail material. The Delta pattern doesn’t need a tail because the kite is not flat.

If you want to add a tail, fasten it in the middle of the bottom of the kite. If you add multiple tails, secure them in a symmetrical way so that the kite is balanced. The length of the tail(s) is a variable because of the kite’s reaction to the wind. There are many formulas for determining the length of the tail; the best solution is to just keep trying until your kite flies to your satisfaction. Try experimenting with both longer and shorter tails and see how your kite reacts.

One roll of plastic tail material makes enough tails for one roll of kites.
Solid color rolls:  $2.75 each,  Multi-colored rolls $3.50 each