Kite Building Tape – Rolls

$5.50 (Excl. Tax)


Make your kite making project easier and more enjoyable for you and the kite makers with the right tape.

Each Tape Roll is 3/4” wide x 2160 inches in length. This industrial tape comes on a 3” core and is similar to masking tape in texture and tearing, but stronger with a tensile strength of 22 pounds. It tears like masking tape so you can easily make strips for your kite makers. The tape is white so it will blend in with the white sail pattern. It is also water resistant, but allows you to write or draw on it, and is made in the USA.

How much tape you’ll need:
A roll of 20 Sled kites uses about 320” of tape.
A roll of 20 Malay Bird kites uses about 360” of tape.
A roll of 20 Delta kites uses about 800” of tape.

One roll of tape is enough for:
12 rolls of Sled kites
11 rolls of Malay Bird kites
4-5 rolls of Delta kites

Keep in mind that these numbers are estimates. Some children use longer strips (more than 2”) of tape; some make mistakes and need to replace the adhesive. While the tape is sticky enough for the plastic kites, it is also a bit forgiving. If kids make a mistake, they can lift up the tape and re-locate it without losing its effectiveness. Just remember, as with any tape, to press down firmly to secure.

Each order comes with a sample pattern for you to make ahead of time.