The Kites…on a Roll® Shop

 Delta Kites

Also known as a Bird kite, the Delta Kite becomes our largest kite after you create and decorate it. Perfect for kids age 10 and older, and perfect for the kid in every adult too! Get your kite flying and your team going and shop our Delta Kites starting at $53.50.

Malay Bird Kites

The Malay Bird kite kit with its easy-to-make pattern and blank canvas inspires creativity. You'll have your own one-of-a-kind kite in the air in no time! Start now and shop the Malay Bird Kites from $48.00

Sled Kites

The sled kite is the easiest for little kids to fly; it turns every child into a terrific kite flyer! Our easy-to-follow patterns take only 15 minutes to assemble. Check out our Sled Kites and shop now from $42.00

Fly Me Kites

An inexpensive, simple, alternative version of the Sled style kite. The paper Fly Me Kite comes with materials to make 25 kites. Shop our Fly Me Kites from $25.00.

 Kite Accessories

Whether it’s kite string on a winder, Kites to Touch the Sky – the guidebook for making and flying kites, tape – or extra kite tail patterns, check out the accessories to help your kite soar.