School & Camp Group Activities: Kite Making!

Kite Building Is a Great Activity for Kids– be it in the classroom, camp site or scout meeting!

easy camp activityChildren come in all shapes, sizes and energy levels.  Some have short attention spans and unending energy!  Often times it is difficult to keep focused on any given activity for very long.  This is where Kites…on a Roll® proves to be a perfect and affordable children’s activity!  It doesn’t matter what shape, size or energy level, all kids love to make kites and fly them together!

We know that school teachers, scout leaders and camp administrators are constantly searching for interesting, exciting and affordable activities for the classroom, scout meeting or camp site.  This can be difficult, but not when you have our easy-to-create kite kits!   Our kites provide an outlet for creativity and energy!

great classroom activityThe kits offer an exciting classroom, scout or camp activity that allow children to express their creativity in a constructive manner!  Kite building is for kids of all ages and we have different kits for different age groups and different abilities.  Each kit requires the children to read and follow instructions.  The kids need to cut, tape and assemble the kit correctly for the kite to fly.  Decorating their own kite taps into their creativity.  The first step is to order the kites from us.  The next step is to have your kids raving about the kites they have created!  Our kite kits are the perfect well rounded activity.

The best part?  Our kite kits are easy, requiring minimal advance setup.  They do require permanent markers, tape and scissors.  If you don’t want your students, scouts or campers to use permanent marker, you can use stickers or create decorations with craft paper and attach with tape!  Kites…on a Roll® kits are truly user-friendly and easy to use.  This one activity that can be done easily without any hassle.

And our kits are more than a craft project.  In many cultures, kits have long been a part of the social fabric involving traditions and festivals.  They have also had scientific impact and historical relevance.  Check out our Links page for lots of information about kites that can enhance your group’s kite making experience.

If you are a teacher, scout leader or camp administrator looking for new ideas to engage your students or are planning an activity where many kids are going to attend… you need to have our kite kits to keep everyone happy!  Let your group’s creativity soar like these kites in the wind.

All of our kite kits come with everything needed to assemble and fly the kites: kite patterns, pre-cut sticks, string wrapped around plastic handles.  All you need to have are different color Permanent Markers, Tape and a pair of Scissors!

 Each Package Contains Enough Material for 20 Kites!!

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