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Many families consider resorts with kids’ programs for family vacations. Those offerings encourage a lot of family time and yet time for separate, age-related activities. Including kite making in your kids’ programming offers hands-on activities, creative entertainment and outdoor fun.

Children come in all shapes, sizes and energy levels. Some have short attention spans and unending energy! Often times it is difficult to keep focused on any given activity for very long. This is where Kites...On a Roll® proves to be a perfect and affordable children's activity! It doesn't matter what shape, size or energy level, all kids love to make kites and fly them together!

We know that program directors are constantly searching for interesting, exciting and affordable activities for their resort programs. This can be difficult, but not when you have our easy-to-create kite kits! Our kites provide an outlet for creativity and energy!

The best part? Our kite kits are easy, requiring minimal advance setup. They do require decorating materials, tape and scissors.

Kites…on a Roll® kits are truly user friendly and easy to use.

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Kids In Field With Kites

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Adding SCIENCE to the role of kites for any STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) activity: weather, physics, wind, aerodynamics, geometry, scientific research such as Ben Franklin, Alexander Graham Bell, the Wright Brothers.

By adding designing/decorating the kite, reading about kites through literature, writing poems about flight, STEM becomes STEAM (A for the ARTS in STEAM).  In addition to curriculum ideas, kite making is a great hands-on activity for any school year event, even for back-to-school and end- of- school year programming.

Back-to-school kite making/flying eases both teachers and students into the classroom from summer activities. At the
other end of the school year, kite making/flying, keeps kids educationally involved, encouraging study to continue as the
school year winds down.

Each package contains a roll of twenty (20) patterns imprinted on white plastic, pre-cut sticks, flying line wrapped around plastic  handles and an instructor’s aid packet. We offer three (3) kite kits for different age groups:

  • Sleds for the younger children
  • Malay Bird for the 8 year old and up
  • Deltas for 10 year old and up

Educational, easy to assemble, cost effective!


All kite kits come in a quantity of 20 kites per roll with each kit costing as little as $2.40 per kite with volume discounts offers that can be as low as $2.10 per kite. Pricing varies based on style of kite and quantity ordered.