PLAY–its importance to our frame of mind

I found an interesting article in the May 2019 issue of bottomline HEALTH about the value of PLAY. The author, Dr.Stuart Brown, seems to be giving us, as adults, permission to PLAY. When we were children, we just played.  We turned most of our activities into play, whether games, chores, making messes, singing, almost any action. Play gives us all opportunities to think creatively, solve problems,  strengthen conflict resolution and just imagine.  The illustrations in the article show an adult on a swing and another adult flying a kite. Kite making and kite flying are all about PLAY and its benefits, bringing both inside and outside play into your life.  Just the idea of a kite has to bring a smile to your face and ideas into your head as you think about the fun you’ll have as you create your flying object and then take it outside to fly.

Play indoors–kite making

Whether you make it from scratch or use patterns like our kite kits, your creative juices are flowing:  how decorative do you want it to be, how high do you want to fly, where are you going to fly it, and will it FLY. That’s one of the best skills kite making can teach–how to follow instructions. Kite making correctly leads to successful kite flying. Instant feedback! Once your kite is made, then you need to consider where you will fly it.  Checking different outdoor spaces with room for running, few trees or poles for kite lines to tangle, fun spaces to experiment with your kite, string and wind, that is the challenge.  You may want to invite others to join you in the making and flying of kites. Share the fun!

Play outdoors–kite flyingplay

Once outdoors, a different play mindset occurs. Kite flying lets you explore your environment. The electronics are put away and it’s just you, your kite, the wind, and the sounds and smells surrounding you. You’re interacting with your natural world. Science, ecology, art all come together to make your kite flying a great and memorable experience.

With Kites…on a Roll®, play matters!

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