Our Kite Making Kits-more than the sum of its parts

When you receive our Kites…on a Roll® kite kits, you are seeing a plastic sheet of 20 patterns rolled up around a cardboard tube with the center filled with pre-cut dowels and string wrapped around plastic handles. Educational material is wrapped around the plastic sheet and the whole kit is slipped into a clear plastic tube.  Each of the component parts: the plastic imprinted with patterns (3 different ones), pre-cut sticks, cardboard tubes, educational material, kite string wrapped around plastic handles and plastic sleeves are shipped to a sheltered workshop, Murray Ridge Production Center, murrayridgecenter.org.  The center provides lifelong services to challenged residents and their families in Lorain County, Ohio.024

The assembling of our kite kits is a perfect task  for the workshop. This opportunity/vocational center provides jobs for individuals with developmental disabilities: plastic sheet comes on large rolls to be cut into 20 patterns and rolled on cardboard tubes, the bulk ordered sticks are bundled into 20 sets, the string on winders are packaged into 5 groups of 4 sets for each roll. Everything but the string comes from the USA., the string on winders is shipped from Taiwan.  All these bits and pieces are assembled into the kit you purchase.  You are not only providing yourself and your group with lots of fun, creative play and outdoor activity, but you are also providing meaningful employment for others.022






Kites…on a Roll® brings together kids of all ages. We offer easy to make and easy to fly kites, the perfect group activity. Kids of all ages love our kites! To order any number of our kits, please check out our store!

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