Merry Month of Kite Making

April, the month of kite making

April – The Month of Kite Making

April 1-30th is National Kite Month A whole month of kite making! Thirty days devoted just to kite making, kite history and kite flying, just plain good old-fashion kite fun!

What could be better!! April, as the first full month of Spring,  is the perfect time to clean out the cobwebs and let out the kite line. Spring weather encourages people to get outside and become active again. We begin a fresh start after being cooped up indoors during the dark, colder months. Even the green shoots of new grass signal a fresh, invigorating start to our daily life.

Many ways to enjoy kites

Kids Holding Delta Kite they made during month of kite making

National Kite Month is all about kites, making kites, flying kites and sharing kites with others. There are many ways to do this:

Make a kite with friends or family, then fly your project.

Organize a kite festival for your town, park, school, library, scout group.

If your birthday falls during April, celebrate with kite making and kite flying. Top off the day with great kite looking desserts.

Teach someone about kites–their science and scientific impact, cultural backgrounds, historical significance.

Register your kite event on the National Kite Month website: http://www.nationalkitemonth.corg/register-an-event

Month of Kite Making – Dates of Note

While the whole month of April is National Kite Month, there are specific dates during that month that give additional reasons for your kiting celebrations:

April 3:

World Party Day-A day to make the world a better place–make a kite and fly it with friends

April 4:

National Fun Day-Enhance your sense of fun with the delight of kite making and kite flying

April 12:

Big Wind Day marking the 1934 reading of the fastest wind clocked at 231 mph. No kite flying that day

April 14:

Look Up at the Sky Day- Fly the kite you made as high as you can.

April 16:

National Stress Awareness Day–Kite making and kite flying are great stress reducers

April 22:

Earth Day-Honor our place on earth flying a kite you made in the air

April 24:

World Intellectual Property Day–Look at all the kite patents!

April 29:

National Arbor Day. Keep your kite out of a tree

Get your kite making materials

Great reasons to celebrate the month of April and National Kite Month.  Check out our website for great products to help you play this month!

Kites promote health and joy, a sense that all is right with the world. This is why we are so positive about kite making and kite flying in the coming year!

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