Let Us Tell You about Kites…on a Roll®

aunt_kiteKites…on a Roll ® is a creative, successful hands-on project that encourages the kite maker  to make kites that are  simple to make and  easy to fly. The kite flier  just needs to add imagination, tape, scissors, markers and the wind. Making the kits become a great classroom project, camp activity, scout  program, corporate event or family fun adventure.

Each roll contains twenty patterns imprinted on a plastic sheet, pre-cut sticks and string wrapped around a plastic handle. Challenged adults assemble these kits in a sheltered workshop in Oberlin Ohio.

We offer 3 different  Kite Patterns : the Sled, the Malay Bird ( a flat 2- stick kite ) and the Delta. We selected those patterns  to cover many ages and abilities. And we wanted kites that were easy to make and great to fly.  A wonderful formula for a successful activity.

 auntiekt graphicOur 3 Kite Patterns

The Sled kite is the best one for kids 5 and above. The younger kids might need help with the cutting out of the pattern and the tail but the kite is the right size for them to fly.  If you have seen a sled kite fly, you will know how it got its name;  it looks like a sled standing on its back runners. If the weather is not good for flying outside and you have room indoors, just put a finger through the loop in the bridle line and walk quickly down a hall or around a gym.  Kids can feel how easy the sled is to fly.

If you are planning a kite making activity for a variety of ages, the sled is the one to use because it works for the youngest kite maker. Just have a variety of items for decorating that will appeal to a variety of ages and skills.

Malay Bird is interesting culturally and historically.  Its variations originated in the Malay Peninsula a long time ago. This one is a version of the early kites.  It’s easy to make and fly for kids 8 years and up. The Malay Bird also became the inspiration for what we consider to be the traditional 2-stick  kite, and this one is very easy to fly.

The Delta is named for its triangular shape, resembling the fourth letter of the Greek alphabet. Some call this kite a bird kite because it looks like a bird gliding through the air. Constructing and flying this kite is perfect for kids 10 and above who are looking for ” cool” things to do.  It’s also the perfect kit for a good team building activity or family reunion.  

Kites…on a Roll  ® is more than a sheet of plastic. It is history, science and culture; it is arts and crafts, a moment of creativity and play; it is reading, following instructions and immediate feedback; it is a memory, a room decoration and a relationship with the wind.


Kites…on a Roll® brings together kids of all ages. We offer easy to make and easy to fly kites, the perfect group activity. Kids of all ages love our kites! To order any number of our kits, please check out our store!

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