Kites on a Roll – Group Activities

Family & Birthday Group Activities with Kites

family & birthdays

Special occasions such as family gatherings and birthday parties bring friends and family together to enjoy and celebrate being with each other. We often hear parents looking for birthday party projects and fun for kids.  Well, look no further!  You'll find that our easy-to-build kite kits are fun, fun, and more fun!

Your kit becomes a birthday party activity (and party favor). Kite building kits quickly become the hit of every party or gathering. Kids and adults enjoy a fantastic time using their creativity decorating the kits, assembling them into kites, and taking them outside to fly.  These same kites become take-home mementos for every guest at the party!

While organizing any multi-generational family gathering, such as a reunion, the challenge is to ensure enough exciting activities for everybody’s participation,. You'll be the star of the party as you make your next family gathering a blast with our Kites…on a Roll®!

Family reunion games need to be fun and entertain people for long periods of time. The great part about building kites is that anyone can do it!  This low-impact group activity allows everyone to participate, bringing together the whole group at one time!  The adults and grandparents can help some of the little kids with their projects, particularly with assembly. Good intergenerational pursuits!

Kids love to decorate and create vivid designs on all of our kites.  For your first step toward fun, order our kite making kit.  The second and final step is for you and your family to have a fantastic time together creating some incredible memories!

Kite building is great for a family reunion craft project.  After decorating and assembling your kites, everyone gets together and enjoys a bit of a kite flying fun!  Just the thought of the entire family or birthday party getting together in a common activity makes your party stand out as the best your group attends all year.

School, Scout & Camp Group Activities

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Children come in all shapes, sizes and learning levels.  Regardless of learning styles, all kids love to make kites, and fly them together!  That’s why Kites…on a Roll® proves to be a perfect and affordable children’s activity!

School teachers, scout leaders and camp administrators are constantly searching for interesting, exciting and affordable activities for the classroom, STEM/STEAM projects, scout meetings or camp programs.  A difficult task, but not with our easy-to-create kite kits! Our kites provide an outlet for creativity and exploration! And kite making fits into much of the curriculum, be it science, math, art, history, language arts.

Kites…on a Roll® kits offer a fun and exciting classroom, scout or camp group activity that allows children to express their creativity in a constructive manner!  Kite building is for kids of all ages, and we have different kits for different age groups and abilities. Decorating their own kite taps into their creativity. Children learn to follow instruction, cut, tape and assemble their own creation to see it take flight.

The best part?  Our easy-to-make kite kits, only require you to provide a few items: permanent markers or whatever you want to use to decorate the kite, tape and scissors. Kites…on a Roll® offer a user-friendly and easy to use activity without hassle!.

Our kite kits are more than a craft project; they're fun and educational.  In many cultures, kites became part of the social fabric involving traditions and festivals, with both scientific impact and historical relevance.

Enhance your group's experience with some of the tips & tricks we found over the years of flying and making kites!

Corporate Team Building Group Activities

corporate events group activities

Who said children only get to have fun? Some activities go beyond age groups and people of all ages enjoy them, especially those that are favorites.

Many clients in the corporate sector who used our kite building kits from Kites…On a Roll® successfully for team building or group activities found they helped employees discover one another’s skills, strengths and weaknesses, and learn to communicate more effectively.

If you are looking to build your team and their professional relations with each other, then building kites is one of the best group activities to choose.

Whenever any organization needs to build its team culture, its members must work together in a professional and social capacity.  Encourage people to work together in a useful and constructive way with corporate team building activities, such as kite building.

Activities that are fun for adults require:

  • People to work together and allow creativity to flourish!
  • Fun for everyone- irrespective of age or physical capacity.  Kite building is one activity that is not only fun for everyone, but brings people together.  Gets  them out of the office and into the outdoors!  It is truly a wonderful pastime!

Kite building activities may involve one team or many departments at larger corporate retreats and offer healthy competition between sales teams, departments and other staff.  Complete engagement starts with building and decorating the kites, ending in flying them together as a group.

With group activities, there is something for everyone to do, and involving different people in the fun ensures they open up with the rest of the group.  That’s the point of team building activities… to get people to work together.!

If you are looking for a good corporate group activity, then kite building is something that you want to consider. Simple kite building kits from Kites…on a Roll® can be used to create some amazing kite designs and amazing group activities.

The possibilities are limitless…  Choose Kites…on a Roll® for a very successful event with a hands-on approach and lots of good fun!.