Spring and National Kite Month (the whole month of April) made me think about how much making and flying your own kite bring so much fun into your life. Usually many articles about Spring feature a kite somewhere in the text or graphic. This time of year just beckons us outside.  Could be the warmer weather, more daylight, the sounds and smells of Spring; whatever, we just want to be outdoors. Kite flying is one way to celebrate the new season. Creating your own kite makes the celebration more special. As you watch your handiwork play in the wind, you have to be really proud of yourself–a big pat on your back!

Spring and kites make kite making and kite flying a perfect theme for a spring birthday party. Regardless of the age (best above 5), there is a kite pattern that will turn a birthday party into a great day of memories.  Here is a great example of how kite making turns into a successful kids’ birthday party: The kite making and kite flying are the perfect party activity (aside from eating the dessert) and the kite becomes the perfect party favor to take home. The invitation in the shape of a kite sets the tone and the excitement; the kite making and kite flying provide the action and fun of seeing your own handiwork actually fly. All this to be finished  by a great piece of birthday cake in the shape of a kite. There are many kite dessert  and invitation ideas on Pinterest; just be specific in your search. kiteparty5

Since many of us have a shortage of free time, we tend to buy ready-to-use, ready-made, good-to-go products. That concept works well when we are pressed for time. But, there is a huge advantage  and an important life skill in learning how to follow instructions, (think swing set and Ikea). This is where the whole is so much better than the sum of its parts. There are jokes about not reading instructions unless all else fails, but there is a wonderful, satisfying sense of you putting something together and have it work! Kite making is one of those gratifying, self-worth experiences. “I did it myself!”

To celebrate National Kite Month, host a party for one or for many, then make and fly a kite.  Definitely, your spirits will soar!

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