Kite Making: the Perfect End of School Year Project

As the school year winds down, teachers and students are probably tired of all the testing, bending over desks and waiting for the bell to ring. Making and flying kites creates a whole new activity to make the end of the school year fun, while enriching math, science, language arts, history lessons. The study of kites and kite making fit well into any school curriculum.

Historically, kites were used for military purposes, scientifically as the forerunner of the airplane, a tool for analyzing weather. Studying altitude and angles requires math skills, and culturally many different countries have their own kite festivals to honor the gods, study weather, pray for a good harvest, celebrate aeronautical skill or just be a great activity. If you look at our LINKS page, you will find lots of kite information that will help you as you find ways to bring kites into your end-of-the-school-year curriculum.

One of the best reasons for students to make kites (no matter when it’s scheduled during the school year)  is learning how to follow instructions. We give you detailed instructions for building any of our kite kits. If the instructions are not followed, the kite won’t fly. That’s great feed-back!

End-of -the-school-year activities in the classroom needn’t feel like watching the clock!. Kite making and kite flying turn academic topics into a great diversion and relevant courses of study.


Kites…on a Roll® brings together kids of all ages. We offer easy to make and easy to fly kites, the perfect group activity. Kids of all ages love our kites! To order any number of our kits, please check out our store!

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