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Kite kit decorating — more fun, more creative, more you!


Spring weather is just around the corner. Time to bring out your kites or materials to make them. If the kite is already made, then check to make sure all the kite spars are there and fit. And the kite sail does not need repair. If you are making your kite kit into a kite, then the fun is just beginning.


You need to remember some decorating concepts before purchasing different items.  You need to consider the material of the kite kit sail.  If it is paper, you will be able to use any crayon or water soluble marker. A paper sail is not as strong as a plastic one so don’t plan to weigh down the sail with lots of stickers. If the sail is plastic, then you will be able to use only permanent markers as water-soluble markers smear on plastic.

The Kites…on a Roll® kite kits are made of plastic.  Any marker, paint or nail polish has to be permanent.  Any water-soluble product will not stick to plastic; the color will only smear. Sample the marker on the edge of the plastic to see how it looks or sticks. (Make sure you allow enough time for the colors to dry.)  The Fly Me Kite kite kits are made of paper so crayons or water-soluble markers will work. There is a writable coating on our Kites…on a Roll® Sled kits so you could use crayons.  They are not as bright as permanent markers.

Since our plastic is translucent, large pictures or line drawings can be placed under the plastic to trace.  Look for coloring books that offer great pictures for tracing. A book of flags is an ideal place to find drawing ideas.

If working with permanent markers, purchase the thin, vinyl (without latex) gloves at a food, hardware or medical supply store. These gloves keep little hands clean. Office supply stores have large Avery Dennison labels in many great colors, and shapes. While there, look for permanent markers and multi-colored tape and patterned duck tape in the aisles.


Kite kit supply ideas
Kite kit supply ideas

The craft stores carry many scrapbooking items that can decorate your kite kit. Just remember that the kite goes up in the air so the designs need to be large. And since the kite goes up in the air be aware of added weight to your kite.

When purchasing supplies for completing your kite kit, do consider the age and abilities of your kite makers and the amount of time you have for the kite making. We estimate the kite building time with each kit, but decorating is subjective and does take extra time.  Please allow for that time in your lesson. Make the sample we send you so the kite makers can see what the finished product will be like. That sample allows you to try different bits and pieces that you purchased at all the wonderful stores beckoning your creative ideas.

We have lots of newspaper bags for your kite makers to take home their rolled-up finished kites.  Let us know how many you need – free of charge!

Kites promote health and joy, a sense that all is right with the world. This is why we are so positive about kite making and kite flying in the coming year!

Kites…on a Roll® brings together kids of all ages. We offer easy to make and easy to fly kites, the perfect group activity. Kids of all ages love our kites! To purchase any of our products, please check out our store to order your kite kits!



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