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The Beaufort Wind Scale was created for sailors in 1805 by British Rear Admiral Sir Francis Beaufort as a way of estimating wind speeds without using instrumentation. Kite flyers also use this scale to select the appropriate kites for the apparent wind. Here are some sites for this scale: gives history and information about the scale along with the chart.

"Kites in the Classroom"
"This guide, created by the American Kitefliers Association, provides an excellent resource for organizing successful kite events and educational kite workshops. Download either the English or Spanish version of this great tool. “
English Version       Spanish Version

This site will take you through many different aspects of the wonderful world of kites and kite flying:

The book KITES, How to Make and How to Fly Them was published in 1897. The site contains interesting details, information, bits and pieces of kiting. Learn more here: How does a kite fly, you might ask. This website summarizes of all the reasons your single-line kite flies at the height it does. An interesting site filled with lots of information about historical kite fliers (Ben Franklin, Alexander Graham Bell) and kites (meteorological and military). Click on any person or kite type for a summary of the selected topic.   A wonderful summary of kite basics. An extensive list of kite plans for a huge variety of kites.

We found a website that might really interest you. Visit the link below to find an interactive mapping of great places to fly kites across America. . The site is created so that you may also add your favorite kite flying site if it is not already listed.

Teaching ESL Content through Kite Making for Grades K-12. Visit In the search box enter in ED362016. You can find other information by typing kite flying in the search box.

KITEcast, the spot to get all your kiting weather information and specialized imagery, along with articles, tips, and other unique features!

Established in 1998, Kitelife features a free bi-monthly on line magazine devoted to promoting all walks of kiting with a dazzling array of articles, plans, event coverage, commentary, videos and photos. Kitelife is a "lifestyle" publication and one of the largest kite sites in the world, bringing you the splendor and personalities that make up modern kiting. Also featured on the site are archives of out of print kite periodicals, classified ads for buying/selling used kites or accessories, and more resources than you can shake a spar at!

This link reflects the international appeal of kiting. The site, which presents the international history of kite flying, was created in France and translated into English by a Canadian. A terrific resource, no matter what the language. If you scroll down to the bottom of the home page, you will find a section entitled Actualities/News. This tells you about kite happenings all over the world. Pretty interesting!
A terrific educational tool geared towards upper elementary age and up. Good background information on kites, to be used as teaching tools for math and science teachers, kite flyers wanting more technical information. Be sure to type words "kite" and "kite flying" in the search box.

The site of the Australian Kite Association offers a lot of information. Check out the page called "Kites in the Classroom."
Teachers, be sure to read:
Suggestions About How Kites Might be Used Within Schools - A Guide for Teachers"

The site of the American Kitefliers Association. Check out Table of Contents for topics you want to explore: Festivals particularly a calendar of events, Publications, especially How to Fly a Kite, Kites in the Classroom, Other Kite Related Sites for businesses, kite clubs and miscellaneous topics.


This site helps you calculate the altitude of your kite. Pretty clever! site with some basic kite information that will give you a good overview of kites.

A resource for kite flyers to submit their favorite flying locations.


My Best Kite.
More than 2300 years of kite history.

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