Family & Birthday Group Activities with Kites!

Kite Building: An Activity among Friends and Family

kite building for birthdaysSpecial occasions such as family gatherings and birthday parties are times when friends and family get together to enjoy and celebrate a special occasion.

We often hear of parents looking for birthday party projects for kids.  Well, look no further!  You will find that our easy-to-build kite kits are really fun, fun and more fun!

The kits become a birthday party activity that involves all the people who are attending the party.  Our popular kite building kits are the hit of every party or gathering.  Kids and adults have a fantastic time using their creativity decorating the kits, assembling them into kites and taking them outside for a flight.  The kites also become a great take-home present!

birthday party fun activityThe best thing about these easy to make kites is that they are not only great for kids’ parties but they can be enjoyed by people of all ages.  While organizing any multi-generational family gathering, such as a reunion, the biggest challenge is to ensure that there are enough exciting activities for everybody to do.  You will be the star of the party and make your next family gathering a blast with our Kites…on a Roll®!

Family reunion games need to be fun and entertain people for a long period of time.  Sometimes there are people with physical limitations at a party who can’t participate in sports or yard games.  The great news about building kites is that anyone can do it!  This low-impact group activity allows everyone to participate, bringing together the whole group at one time!  The adults and grandparents can help some of the little kids with their projects, particularly with assembly.  The kids love to decorate and create vivid designs on all of our kites.  The first step is to order our kite making kit.  The second step is for you and your family to have a fantastic time together creating some incredible memories!

We know that kite building is great for a family reunion craft project.  After the kites are decorated and assembled, everyone can get together and have a bit of a kite flying fun!  Just the thought of the entire family or birthday party group getting together in a common activity will make your party stand out as the best people have been to in years.

Choose Kites…on a Roll® for an amazing event with a hands-on approach and lots of good fun.

All of our kite kits come with everything needed to assemble and fly the kites: kite patterns, pre-cut sticks, string wrapped around plastic handles.  All you need to have are different color Permanent Markers, Tape and a pair of Scissors!

 Each Package Contains Enough Material for 20 Kites!!