Fall/Winter 2008

Lauren Bacall is quoted as saying “Imagination is the highest kite that one can fly.” Making and flying your own kite really lets your imagination soar. The other plus for making your own kite is the value of learning to read and understand instructions–a really important life skill. If the steps are followed correctly, the pieces in the box become whatever you’re assembling or, as in our case, a kite that flies.

Kites…on a Roll® News

Classroom Activity: Pull out a map of the world and mark the different countries that are represented on our “Global Language of Kites”, a page that describes how different countries translate “kite” into their languages (https://kitesonaroll.com/globalization.htm). The universality of this activity will be wonderfully apparent.

Fall and winter (depending upon where you live) are wonderful kite flying seasons. Check www.aka.kite.org for many kiting events in your location and beyond during the next few months.

Kite Plans on the Internet: We are often asked about other kite plans. Another link on our Links page, www.kitesonaroll.com/links.htm, offers an expansive list of all kinds of kites to build. The list is in alphabetical order, so a quick scroll will lead you to what you would like to build. A quick click of the mouse will reveal a wonderful new kiting adventure.

Please note: Prices will be going up in January. Take advantage of this advance notice and order now for this year’s billing but next year’s shipping.

Hints for an Easier Activity

Books about Kites: Drachen Foundation has created an extensive bibliography of books for grades K-8. Kite making and kite flying are the focus of the books, not how to make or how to fly a kite. Go to our links page to find this list: www.kitesonaroll.com/links.htm.

Use as bright a color highlighter as you can find. Just make sure the ink dries on the sail before touching it, otherwise the color will smear.

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