Fall/Winter 2007

Autumn is my favorite time of year for kite flying. The colors, the smells, the absence of bugs, the cooler temperatures and very steady winds make this an almost letter perfect season. Obviously a lot of other people agree too, because there are a lot of festivals scheduled for this time of year. Those of you living in the Sunbelt regions would probably consider winter to be your almost letter perfect season for kiting. Visit www.aka.kite.org/cal.php for events near you.

Kites…on a Roll® News

The last issue (Summer 2007) mentioned kite flying in Afghanistan. The advanced screening of The Kite Runner occurred Monday October 1 at the American Kitefliers Association meeting/convention in WA. Several members of AKA were involved in the filming of this incredible story. Watch for the kite flying sequences.

During WWII, English and American bombers were given a kite to help in case of recovery at sea. The kite, called the Gibson Girl, unfolds into a box kite. Its purpose was to support an antenna for a distress radio. For further information and to add to your history section about the use of kites, visit http://www.carnetdevol.org/gibson/girl-anglais.html.

A group of scouts in South Australia have set a world record for the number of kites in the air at one time. The previous record of 927 kites was set in the UK this year. Determined to break this record, the scouts launched 1127 kites. Documentation was sent to the Guinness Book of Records for verification. What a wonderful sky that must have been! For more information, visit http://www.abc.net.au/adelaide/stories/s2008883.htm?backyard.

Many of us have seen kite fliers cleverly maneuver stunt kites. But have you ever seen two cars try the same feat? Audi A5 created an ad in the Namibian desert illustrating the navigation capabilities of the car. Visit www.youtube.com and enter “making Audi kite video” in the search area.

We read about Darfur often. Visit http://kitegang.org/darfur to see the various ways you can help bring some joy to the children in that war-torn region. The first Darfur Kite Festival will be held November 20, 2007, Universal Children’s Day.

Did you know you can recycle part of Kites…on a Roll®? The kite sail is a #4 category which lets you recycle it with other plastic bags.

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