Fall/Winter 2001

It’s amazing how fast the summer has gone by! Back-to-School sales shout from newspaper ads; school athletic teams practice; World Series playoffs and NFL stories are competing for airtime. This can be a hard time for kids. You hear everything from “Mom, I’m so-o-o bored” to “I don’t want school to start.” This is a great time of year (actually any time of year is a great time) to go kiting. It’s an even better time for a kite making activity. You’ll see boredom disappear, creativity blossom and the delight of making one’s own flying masterpiece on each child’s face. Kites…on a Roll® ease kids back into the structured activities of school. Following instructions correctly creates perfect kites from scratch. And they have the freedom of being outdoors. What a great lead into school activities!

Kites…on a Roll® News

There are a number of kite flying events throughout the country this fall. Billings, Montana will be the site of the American Kitefliers Association annual convention. Talk about colorful skies, amazing people, fabulous hand-made kites—it’s all there! To discover how you can participate in this wonderful fall event or to find a kite event near you, visit the American Kitefliers Association site at http://www.aka.kite.org. Adults have a wonderful time making Kites…on a Roll®.

Several team building and corporate events featured the product in their programs. It’s amazing how quickly adults turn back into kids given the opportunity! Many relived their kiting experiences, but found our kite patterns much EASIER to make and fly this time around! We have created an arts and crafts sheet based upon recommendations from many of you who have used our Kites…on a Roll® and our searching through arts and crafts stores.

We’d be happy to email you the list. Just contact us at auntiekt@kitesonaroll.com and request the list.

Hints for an Easier Activity

The use of this product has created some problems. Two issues became apparent with tape: kids need to carefully place and press the tape down over the sticks so they are completely covered (picture sticks in a tape sleeve). Also, kids need to plan where to put the tape because some adhesives set too quickly to remove and replace. One group recommended using mailing labels (about 3 ½” x 15/16”) purchased at an office supply store. Another found colored duct tape to be effective (and very sticky). We are looking into a better tape for you and will keep you posted.

We recently tested a variety of craft paints, both in jars and tubes. If you do use paints on the kite sails, make sure you allow enough time in your schedule for the colors to dry- at least 1 hour. I suggest you try the paint first before letting kids use the material. Check for age recommendations on arts and crafts supplies.

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