Fall/Winter 2000

Just step outside. Fall winds are wonderful for kite flying because they are nice and steady. And the smells and colors of autumn enhance the breezes. Just the right wind and off we go!

Where I grew up, winter limited our flying. That season was fun until February. By then we couldn’t wait to get outside! We spent most of winter and early spring indoors repairing and making new kites. We were ready for that first break in the weather!

We used to think about kite flying only during spring. But now, we think of kites all year round, whether we’re flying, repairing or making them.

Kites…on a Roll® News

My two Kites…on a Roll® are going to be joined by a 3rd design–the Malay Bird. Dan Kurahashi adapted Lee Toy’s original design into an easy to fly, easy to build kite for kids 8 years old and up.

The new kite will be imprinted on writeable plastic so kids can use permanent markers or crayons for decorating.

Normal assembly of a product is not very interesting, but the assembly of all Kites…on a Roll® is very “uplifting”.

Kenny, a legally blind person, is in charge of assembling the packages in a sheltered workshop.

To watch him convert the parts into a completed kit is very impressive. Just think of him next time you make one of our kites-you’ll feel really good about it!

Hints for an Easier Activity

A great suggestion from a camp’s arts and crafts director: If the tails for the sled kite are too hard to cut out for little hands or require too much time for your group, tape scraps left over from the cut-out pattern together to create a tail.

If you wish to enhance the educational facet of this activity, let us know. We have a word search/vocabulary puzzle that we’d be happy to send to you.

To prevent a decorating error when making the delta kite, first cut out the pattern and assemble the sail. Then decorate and attach the sticks.

If you have any suggestions or stories to share with others, please let us know. You can send us your story to newsletter@kitesonaroll.com We will feature them in a future issue.

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