Fall 2011

Sometimes I combine seasons for my newsletter. This time I just don’t have the heart to write Fall/Winter 2011. Tomatoes are just turning, deer still have a warm tawny colored coat, crickets are chirping and high school bands are practicing.

Kites…on a Roll® News

Wildwood NJ is the site for the annual American Kitefliers Association National Convention. The dates for this sky filled event are Sept. 26-Oct. 1, 2011. Contact Maggie Vohs at 541-994-4252 or cameo@wcn.net for more information. If you can’t be there, go to www.aka.kite.org/calendar to find a kite event near you.

Kiting is definitely international. The word “kite” translates into so many languages, e.g. in Dutch it is vlieger, in French it is cerf volant, in Spanish it is cometas while in Mexican it is papalote, which also means butterfly. Each word has its own story or meaning. What fun to discover them all! Check out our www.kitesonaroll.com/globalization.htm for the international connection. To find out about kites in specific cultures, visit www.drachen.org/learn/kite-cultures.

Hints for an Easier Activity

I saw an idea for an activity for younger children that might be a good project for teaching the value of friendship. Visit http://www.surfnetkids.com/friendship_crafts.htm. The site discusses friendship crafts, those art projects that can be made with friends, for friends, or ice breakers. There are so many reasons for this project. Kite making, to me, is one of those perfect friendship projects to be enjoyed while making and flying.

Looking for a brief description of basic kiting: go to www.drachen.org/learn/kite-basics. You’ll find many concepts described.

Sharpie has just come out with a new highlighter with great colors that won’t dry out, smear or bleed through. Ask for the Sharpie Marker Gel at office supply or craft stores.

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