Everyday is a KITE FLYING day in April

April is National Kite Month, but but there are many reasons in April to celebrate any special day with kite flying:

April 3 World Party Day, a day to make the world a better place–fly with friends.

April 4 National Fun Day, Enhance your sense of fun with the delight of kite flying.

April 12 Big Wind Day marking the 1934 reading of the fastest wind clocked at 231 mph. No kite flying that day!

April 14 Look Up at the Sky Day, Reach as high as you can.

April 16 National Stress Awareness Day. Kiting is a great stress reliever!

April 17 Go Fly a Kite Day. Check out this kite related ezine

April 22 Earth Day. Honor  our place on earth with a kite in the air.

April 24 World Intellectual Property Day. Look at all the kite patents! patents for kites

April 29 National Arbor Day.  Keep your kite out of a tree!

April 30 Eyeore’s Birthday. Kites make great birthday presents! Watch here!

Great reasons to celebrate the month of April and National Kite Month. Check out our website for great products to help you play this month.

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