Kids + Kites = Creativity!

Kite Building Exercises Kids Creativity

In a world that is becoming increasingly virtual, children prefer staying indoors whether they are playing or even enjoying time with their friends. However, parents who try to encourage their children to go outside and play often times need to proactively provide activities for them.  Many have not considered kite building as an activity like this, but you will find that for many kids this will become an activity they can enjoy throughout their lives!

Kite building and kite flying are not only very interesting and enjoyable but can be used as an engaging kids’ group activity.  At parties or other gatherings where a lot of kids will be together, having them make their own kites and fly them is a good way to keep them engaged for hours and hours together.  Hear peals of laughter as kids work together decorating, constructing and flying kites.  It is a perfect group activity that will get the kids out of the house and into the open where they can get a good amount of exercise, while enjoying themselves thoroughly.

kite building kits
When choosing group activities for kids, kite building is just about perfect since it stimulates the creative side of the mind.  Building a kite requires a child to follow instructions correctly so the kite will fly; decorating the kite requires decision making as to choosing the colors and designs on the kite.  This will make the task all the more exciting for them.   Whether used for a party, family gathering or a classroom activity,  your kids will love our easy to assemble and use kite kits!

The best thing about kite building?  It’s easy!  By using the simple kite kits for kids, made by Kites…on a Roll®, you can help your children to make beautiful kites.  The next best thing about kite building is that at the end of the day, they can take it home, creating a wonderful memory of a fantastic event.

Our kites can be decorated with permanent markers.  If you don’t want to use permanent markers, you can find stickers of all shapes and sizes that will work wonderfully.  That same applies to creating your own designs with craft or construction paper and taping them to the kite… just be careful not to add too much to weigh the kite down!

No matter how they are decorated, your kids are guaranteed to have a wonderful time.

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All of our kite kits come with everything needed to assemble and fly the kites: kite patterns, pre-cut sticks, string wrapped around plastic handles.  All you need to have are different color Permanent Markers, Tape and a pair of Scissors!

 Each Package Contains Enough Material for 20 Kites!!

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