Craft Activities

  • Cut out shapes from adhesive backed paper or have children bring in their favorite stickers to decorate the kite sail.
  • Wax crayons can be used on our Sled and Malay Bird writeable patterns to create a rubbing design. An impression is made on the plastic pattern when crayons rub over a rough surface placed under the pattern. The rougher the texture, the greater the effect.
  • When using paints and markers, allow enough time for the colors to dry. Permanent markers create the most intense color on the plastic.
  • Mailing labels (3 1/2″ x 15/16″) become a good substitute for a very strong tape. These can be purchases at any office supply store. Do note that they are not water resistant.
  • Oil pastels provide good color on the writeable plastic of the Sleds and Malay Birds. They are more costly than other markers.
  • At times kids have difficulty deciding what to draw. Sometimes a theme relating to a school topic (e.g. study of dinosaurs), areas of interest (e.g. sports), or color is very helpful.
  • Clip art offers great ideas.
  • When using rub-on transfers, cut out the individual designs for easy handling by kids.
  • When using glue or paste, place a dollop in a small container, like an egg carton section. Give each kid a popsicle stick to use to scoop up some adhesive and to evenly coat the plastic or the item being glued. Do allow time for the glue to dry.
  • Since our plastic is translucent, large pictures or line drawings can be placed under the plastic to trace. Make sure the lines of the objects are bold and distinct for easy tracing.
  • Check out office supply places, scrapbook and craft stores for craft products.
  • Use adult scissors, not child scissors when cutting out the plastic.
  • Magazine and catalog pictures make good designs. Just glue the cut-out to the plastic.
  • Stickers and decals adhere very well to the plastic. Make sure they are as large as possible to be seen or be used as part of a design, like a round decal becoming the center of a flower.
  • Large, movable eyes look great on the kites. Make sure they are the adhesive backed ones or know that you will have to glue them in place.
  • An additional place for ideas for a kite design would be a book on flags. The colors and designs used are very helpful. Learn more in our 2005 Summer/Fall Newsletter.
  • In addition to tails adding stability to some kites, they are also considered to be line laundry, lightweight objects that are fastened to the flying line to add color, action and, in some cases, a sense of humor. Learn more in our 2005 Fall/Winter Newsletter.
  • Use as bright a color highlighter as you can find. Just make sure the ink dries on the sail before touching it; otherwise the color will smear.

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