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My name is Auntie KT Kiteflier. Ever since I was a little girl I loved building and flying kites. Once, I learned how to make a kite, I never needed to ask, “What can I do now?”. I can’t wait to introduce you to hours of endless creative fun with my Kites...on a Roll® kite making kits.

Learn all about Kites…on a Roll®

Kites…on a Roll ® is a creative, successful hands-on project that encourages the kite maker to make kites that are simple to make and easy to fly. The kite flier just needs to add imagination, tape, scissors, markers and the wind. Making the kits become a great classroom project, camp activity, scout program, corporate event or family fun adventure.

Each roll contains twenty patterns imprinted on a plastic sheet, pre-cut sticks and string wrapped around a plastic handle. By purchasing our kite kits, you are employing an adult living with disabilities. These adults assemble the kite kits at a vocational opportunity center in Oberlin Ohio.

We offer 3 different Kites…on a Roll ® Kite Patterns: the Sled, the Malay Bird ( a flat 2- stick kite ) and the Delta , as well as the paper bag ‘Fly Me Kite Kits’.

We selected those patterns to cover many ages and abilities. And we wanted kites that were easy to make and great to fly.  A wonderful formula for a successful activity.

Your Kites…on a Roll® kit is more than a sheet of plastic. It is history, science, and culture; it is arts and crafts, a moment of creativity and play; it is reading, following instructions and immediate feedback; it is a memory, a room decoration and a relationship with the wind.

Kites…on a Roll® brings together kids of all ages. We offer easy to make and easy to fly kites, the perfect group activity. Kids of all ages love our kites! To order any number of our kits, please check out our store!

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