There are 12 months in our calendar and many celebrations occur during these months.  We Americans just like to celebrate!  February is American Heart Health month; don’t forget March Madness; July is National Ice Cream month; September celebrates honey with the National Honey month. April is very busy with National Poetry Month and National Kite Month (NKM). NKM was created by the joint efforts of the American Kitefliers Association and the Kite Trade Association International.   It is dedicated to the promotion and support of kiting. In other words, its goal is to introduce people to the FUN of FLYING KITES, to teach  KITES’ rich HISTORY and to share this great activity with others.

The target for this year’s celebration is to have 600 events scheduled worldwide. Kiting events can be anything from a local kite fly to a kite display in a library. From kite making workshops to school demonstrations, to birthday parties to scout activities. To have your event count, register it at www.nationalkitemonth.org/register-an-event. The site will even help you in your request for a proclamation naming the event.

There is much support on the website www.nationalkitemonth.org. I have found the Teacher’s Tab to be quite helpful. Under that heading are a number of great topics for the classroom: kite history, a calendar of historic kite events from 1749 to 1989 (more can be found online both before and after the given dates), why and how kites fly, list of really helpful resources. Other tabs give a lot of help too: nationalkitemonth.org/how-to-measure-the-wind or nationalkitemont.org/fun-kite-games are some of the examples of the information to be found on the main site.

Plan to be one of the 600; CREATE and REGISTER YOUR EVENT!


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