Kite Making and the 3 R’s (reading, ‘riting and ‘rithmetic)

Depending upon where you live in the country, school will be starting in several weeks. This is hard to believe as a huge heat wave is spreading across the US, tomatoes are just turning, cicadas are “singing”. It seems as if the Summer Solstice was just the other day. But the calendar doesn’t stop moving forward!  Stores are running “Back to School” ads, sport teams are practicing, school personnel are gearing up for another great school year.

Kite making and kite flying help ease students and teachers into another academic year. Kiting makes the perfect activity for much of the school curriculum and our kite kits make the activity perfect!

Reading: Our instructions. To make a kit turn into a successful kite, instructions have to be read and followed correctly or the kites won’t fly. Great feed-back! There are stories, books, poems and songs about kites and kiting. The history of kites, dating back thousands of years, makes a great story.

‘Riting: Kite stories, poems and instructions to make our kits.  I have found that instructions are very difficult to write; this would be a wonderful writing exercise for students. Creative writing topics: what would I see if I were the kite flying, how would I feel if I were the kite flying, where would I, the kite, travel if my kite string were cut.

‘Rithmetic: Lots of measurements,  geometry, in general good math skills are required for successful kite making. Check out the NASA site on our Links page.

Back-to-school activities in the classroom needn’t feel like back to school for students or teachers. Kite making and kite flying turn academic topics into fun and relevant courses of study. If you look at our LINKS page, you will find lots of kite information that will help you as you find ways to bring kites into your back-to-school curriculum.


Kites…on a Roll® brings together kids of all ages. We offer easy to make and easy to fly kites, the perfect group activity. Kids of all ages love our kites! To order any number of our kits, please check out our store!