“Kite Making Blogs: Thoughts & Ideas”
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PLAY–its importance to our frame of mind

April 2019 – Month of Kitemaking

Spring Ushers In Kite Season

Kite Making-the perfect
back-to-school activity

Kites, Ice Cream and Fireflies=Summer Fun

Adults Flying Kites –
To Be a Kid Again!

Kite Party–Lots of
High Flying Fun!

The Global Language of Kites

Merry Month of Kite Making

Kite kit decorating – more
fun, more creative, more you!

Winter Kite Making Becomes Spring Kite Flying

Family Kite Making…a great ingredient for your holiday recipes

Kite Making + Kite Flying + Autumn Winds=Great Fall Fun

Kite Themed Birthday Party For Kids

S.T.E.M., S.T.E.A.M., Kite Making and Kite Flying

Spring can start in February! Nat. Kite Flying Day Feb. 8 or Nat. Kite Month in April

Our Kite Making Kits-more than the sum of its parts

Autumn Winds–some of the best winds for kite flying

Kite Making and the 3 R’s (reading, ‘riting and ‘rithmetic)

The Good Ole Summertime–perfect for kites, lemonade and fireflies

Kite Making: the Perfect End
of School Year Project

National Kite Month–A whole month devoted to kites and kite flying

Tiptoe through the craft store, office supply store before decorating your kite

When Winter Comes, is Kite Flying Far Behind….

Kite Making: Activity For Back-To-School Frame Of Mind

Let Us Tell You about Kites…
on a Roll®

Making Kites As A Creative Activity