Autumn Winds–some of the best winds for kite flying

kids-of-all-agesMost people associate spring winds with kite flying. But those winds can be gusty, and the days can still have a winter chill.  Autumn winds are more steady; the days can still be warm, with crickets chirping, cicadas buzzing, and leaves turning into beautiful colors. The perfect time to be outside with friends, family or just yourself!

Others must think this is a wonderful time for flying kites too because the internet  lists  many kite festivals and events all over the country. Google is made for this kind of inquiry: kite festivals near ____ (fill in the blank), best places to fly a kite near_______ (fill in the blank), the nearest location to fly kites near________(fill in the blank).

Two festivals worthy of note are: One Sky One World which promotes peace throughout the world with kite flying. This event is held the second Sunday in October, this year being October 9, 2016 in locations around the world. Check for a location or kite event near you.

The annual American Kitefliers Association convention is Oct. 3-8, 2016 in Seaside OR. Lots of kite flying, kite workshops, kite people.  Check for more information.

Celebrate this gorgeous time of year with others as you make ( and fly kites together!441aa5202b2268c9d9ff95b709d979f7


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