It doesn’t matter what the weather is outside; when the gardening catalogs start arriving in the mail, you know it is time to start planning for your kite flying days. Time to repair or build kites, time to plan kite flying events,  time to check out the American Kitefliers Association (AKA), for events in your area or kite fliers near you.

Pull out the kites you rolled up in October and check to make sure they don’t need any repairs. Wooden dowels can be purchased at hobby stores, but the carbon or other synthetic rods probably need to be purchased from stores that sell that particular kite or places that sell kite parts.  You need to know the length and diameter before even searching for the part. If spars are missing, contact the manufacturer for what you need. You might be referred to one of their retailers.  Plastic or paper sails can be repaired if slightly damaged.  If more tape is required (which might weigh down the kite), you might want to re-construct the sail.  Tails are easy to replace with ribbon,  tied plastic strips, or our Tail Material in a variety of colors.

AKA or your local kite group can help you plan a kite event if you have never organized one before. Just make sure you have a kite first aid area to repair broken dowels, spars, snapped kite line or tails. The whole month of April is usually National Kite Month, a perfect time to hold your kite event, be it kite making and/or kite flying. Visit for more information and ideas.

This wintery time of year encourages planning and preparation. This is a great time if this is your first kite making/flying experience.  If you order any of our kits, we give you a sample of the kite pattern you requested.  Please make it ahead of time!! That lets you see if you need to contact us and that lets your group see what the finished pattern becomes.

For ideas about decorating or kite flying visit the Kite Making Tips and Activities pages on our site:




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